Okay...So your cat is pissed off at you because you put a bell collar around it's furry neck in order to stop Kitty from grazing on birds and small mammals. After shredding the side of your newly upholstered couch in protest, Kitty just wants to retreat to a place where she can just stew in silence unfettered by your neurotic impulses...

The Baba Tree has created a space for you, Kitty.

Kitty, our Cat Beds come in different sizes and there two different types: One type is made using the Double Weave method of weaving which makes the basket more pliable but is ultimately stronger. These Cat Beds are more expensive because they are harder to weave and take longer to weave.

The other type of Cat Bed is made using the Single Weave method of weaving which employs half as many warps and wefts using a thicker straw. This makes the Cat Bed stiffer and allows it to stand more upright. These Cat Beds are not as expensive as the Double Weave Cat Beds as they are woven much more quickly than double weave baskets

Kitty, which ever Cat Bed that you choose, please note that it doesn't come with a mattress. The Baba Tree will start making our own mattresses for you and your buddies next year.