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Change Beds

Change Beds

Oh, Mama! Oh, Papa! Maybe Grandma, too! It's that time again...

Aren't you folks lucky that The Baba Tree now has Change Beds available for this task. Our first offer at retail on our beautiful baby change beds has them being a beautiful addition to any nursery and fantastically portable too, our baby change beds are handwoven with love and are very chic, too! Your Baba Tree change bed will look fab when coordinated with a nice platform - especially a flat topped piece of rustic furniture.

Once your little ones have grown up.. these beautiful change baskets are great for storing toys and the like. 

As of yet, we haven't started producing our own mattresses but we will soon and we will certainly let you know when we do!

Please note: though our Change Beds have handles, they are not to be used for carrying a child under any circumstances.

Additionally: please do not leave a baby / toddler unattended in our change beds as the sides of the bed is not high enough for protection against falling

Not recommended for babies or toddlers to sleep in.