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Featured Baskets & Artisans

Featured Baskets & Artisans

African Baskets ethically sourced from Bolga

In this Collection: Decor Baskets, Storage Baskets, Specialty Baskets, Bicycle Baskets, Market Baskets, Shopping Baskets

Our weavers are paid well for their artful work creating Baba Tree baskets. They also receive 5-20% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid.

In the photos, the weaver holding each basket is the weaver that created it.

Moses Basket by Mathew Nyaaba

Baby Moses Handwoven Basket WEAVER:  Mathew Nyaaba SPECS:  L 30" W 17" H 11” and 8.5" You will receive the basket in this picture. The basket is held by the... Learn More

$164.99 USD