The Slow Wave Vase (Large) by Mary Ayamdor

$1,950.00 USD

Handwoven Art Basket

Slowly made in our signature “Wave” design, these elegant and oversized vase style Specialty baskets are our talented artisans latest offer in natural elephant grass.

Evolution of our baskets are never rushed to market but slowly developed to be useful, beautiful and ethical.

Each curve you discover is the handprint of the Master Weaver who has expertly handcrafted your basket, we celebrate the unique differences in each and every art piece.

Brilliant as a pair in a foyer or entrance or magic standing alone, the grand scale of these exquisite baskets will bring a subtle drama. Basket is functional art we believe.

WEAVER: Mary Ayamdor
SPECS: Height 40.5", Width 32.5"

You will receive the basket in this picture. The basket is held by the weaver who created it.


ZONE 1  (Canada, USA, Europe, Africa) - $17.50 USD per basket. Free Shipping for orders over $450.00 USD

ZONE 2 (Australia, New Zealand, Mid-East, Far-East, South America, Central America including Mexico, and the Caribbean) - $20.00 USD per basket. Free Shipping for orders over $500.00 USD

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