Shipping and Payments (International)

➤  For most countries, we use DHL or Ghana Post.
➤  Payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay or PayPal through our Canadian banking institution.
➤   CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: please see Canadian Retail Customers page.
➤  Our products are not available for sale in Ghana.

Shipping Fees


$17.50 USD per basket
Free Shipping for orders over $450.00 USD

$20.00 USD per basket
Free Shipping for orders over $500.00 USD

Additional taxes and duties may apply at upon delivery.

Order Processing (International)

  1. Once you have placed your order, we will send you an email confirming that we have received your order.
  2. All orders go through a credit card approval process. Orders are not released for shipment until this verification is complete.
    Please note: this can effect the shipment delivery time.
  3. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation of shipping and an email receipt.
  4. You will receive a DHL or Ghana Post tracking number shortly after your order. If your order has been sent via Ghana Post, you will receive a Ghana Post tracking number a few days after your order has been shipped. That's just the way it is with Ghana Post

Shipping Process

  • To determine when you will receive your order, please note that credit card authorization and verification must be received before we can process your order. 
  • Your basket(s) will be placed inside a poly woven sack, which will then be wrapped in cardboard and wrapped again with an extraordinary amount of  packing tape...*sigh*
  • There is nothing fancy about our packaging. It just gets the job done and thus don't expect bows, ribbons or lavender scented 'thank you' cards. The method of packing that we use could best be described as utilitarian and won't be personalized or have witty comments inscribed. It gets the job done and meets the needs of an international courier service who are demanding when it comes to the way we pack for them to give us a cheap shipping price.
  • Owing to our astronomical shipping costs that we assume (you only pay USD $17.50 - 20.00 per basket or fan) we often pack our baskets in a compressed state as pictured below. This does not hurt the basket as they are very resilient, and a document will be included in the box showing you how to reshape the basket (SHAZAM!)  in a matter of minutes. Upon opening the box, please do your best not to recoil in horror upon seeing your basket in such a state.

        Average delivery times for orders shipped through DHL:

        • Canada / USA, most places in EuropeTaiwan and Japan: About a week
        • Australia and New Zealand : About a week.
        • the Middle East: About a week
        • South America and Central America: About a week
        • The Caribbean:  About a week
        • African countries (including South Africa): About a week 

        For orders shipped through Ghana Post, please allow 2 - 3 weeks.

        Documentation / Customs / Quarantine / Sales Tax / Duties

        For Customs purposes, all shipments will be accompanied by either a ‘Statement of Origin,’ or a ‘Certificate of Origin’ or an 'EUR1 Certificate' showing that the baskets are 100% made in Ghana.

        The Baba Tree cannot and will not take responsibility for any charges relating to brokerage fees, duties, VAT or GST and handling charges incurred when your Baba Tree shipment enters your country.
        For most countries, having to pay VAT or GST on goods (and possibly, on the cost of shipping) entering the country that you ordered from overseas, is a fact of life. Simple.

        VAT is VAT is VAT and there is no getting away from it. GST is GST is GST and there is no getting away from it. Having to pay these value added taxes is a fact of life.

        • Baba Tree products are duty-free entering the USA
        • For the U.K. and the rest of Europe:  customers will most likely pay VAT and / or Customs Duties when the Baba Tree products that you ordered enter the country.
        • For Australia / New Zealand customers, depending on which way the wind is blowing, you might get charged Duty and GST, and you might not.
        • For Japan and other countries in the Far East - please consult your local customs office regarding Taxes and Duties

        If you contact your local Customs office to find out whether your basket will be assessed duty then please quote them "Chapter 4602" Commodity.

        • The Baba Tree will not take responsibility for any costs incurred if your shipment is subjected to quarantine inspections that result in your shipment having to be treated with a form of insecticide. With the exception of Australia, New Zealand and Chile, no other country that we have shipped to, thus far, has subjected our products to quarantine insecticide treatments.
        • Additionally, we will not assume responsibility--financially, or in any other way, if your shipment is not allowed into the country in which you reside--with the result being that your order is shipped back to Ghana.
        • If you are not sure about your country’s customs / quarantine laws, then we suggest that you contact your local customs office to find out more information.