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Woven African Market Baskets
Use as a: Stylish Shopping Basket, Market Basket

The Baba Tree Basket Co. offers unique, handwoven African market baskets that are beautiful and functional.

Our Round Market baskets are the workhorse in the #marketbasket family. With serious good looks and handwoven to haul your weekly #fruitandveggies in style! Whether you’re an aficionado of baskets or thinking about your first basket purchase, our rounds will be your go-to for a very long time to come. Available in a myriad of sizes to suit all your basketry needs, from tiny through XXL. Awesome too for storage, our kitchen and bathroom wouldn’t be the same without them. Simple pleasures.

Nobody does these baskets better.

The weaver of your basket will receive 15% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were already paid for weaving the basket.

You will receive the basket in the picture. In our photos, baskets are presented by the weavers who created them.