Banasco Baskets

Banasco Baskets

Use as a: Storage Basket, Decor Basket

These tiny baskets are exclusive to the Baba Tree and our not available anywhere else in the world.

These baskets were woven by one of our hat weavers—the hilarious ''D-4" Akologo (I mean, look at the guy )—utilizing the delicate straw that is used for weaving our hats. "D-4" is one of the finest hat weavers in Bolgatanga.

The straw used is a much finer straw than the straw used for weaving baskets and it is a straw that grows in and around the Bolgatanga area. I see a Banasco basket being put to use for storing jewellery, ju-ju and other coveted goodies.

Available for sale only on this website.

''D-4'' will receive 20% of the retail price in addition to what he has been paid already.

In the photos, the weaver holding each basket is the weaver that created it.