Pakurigo Wave

Pakurigo Wave

Fair trade woven African Baskets for storage and decor

Use as a: Stylish Decor Basket, Stylish Storage Basket

The Baba Tree Basket Co. specializes in supplying unique, hand woven African baskets that are beautiful and functional. Made from all natural materials and woven in Bolga by Baba Tree's incredible artisan weavers, these unique African Baskets add a touch of style to any space in your home or office.

A gorgeous, elegant, basket that could resemble coral or an object that was blown from glass…What’s it used for? You tell me. I just like to sit and admire it’s beauty. This style of basket appeals to those who crave to behold beauty that is created by the experienced hand.

The Pakurigo Wave Basket will be in extremely limited supply owing to high demand and the fact that only a few master weavers can pull off the technique.

Our weavers are paid well for rendering this basket, however, they will receive 10% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid. In the photos, the weaver holding each basket is the weaver that created it.