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African Artisan Basket Bags from Bolga

The Baba Tree Basket Co. offers unique, handwoven African baskets. Wide selection of colors, styles and sizes.

We have been busy co-creating a small range of exquisitely handwoven basket bags that will take you from the beach to shopping for your weekly groceries through fine dining and definitely to the disco!

“Stay Flow” has been created in-flow with an all-female team of artisan weavers, their calm yet powerful energy inherent in the unique undulating basketry.. an ode to the flow of life in basket form no less! Discover these baskets neat or lined with an incredible selection of local textiles and jaunty rope tie to keep your belongings under wraps.

The “Shoulder Bag” will comfortably carry your laptop/iPad in the utmost of casual elegance. Handwoven in natural elephant grass only and no leather used on the handles - beautiful, useful, ethical. Designed for shoulder sitting or hand holding…any which way you like it really.

The return of the elegant “Tapoh” basket bag comes in a myriad of eye-catching combinations and earth tones. Great for basket aficionados who carry theirs with them every day.

Basket Bag Collections

Shoulder Bag | Stay Flow | Tapoh | Paaringa Tia