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Handwoven Change Beds

The perfect pairing - baskets and bubs! Our wonderfully handwoven Change Beds come in all the colours of the rainbow and natural elephant grass too. We think there’s no better way to celebrate your newborn than with one of our exceptionally handwoven Change Beds.

Please note: though our Change Beds have handles, they are not to be used for carrying a child under any circumstances.

Additionally: please do not leave a baby / toddler unattended in our change beds as the sides of the bed is not high enough for protection against falling

Not recommended for babies or toddlers to sleep in. 

The weaver of your basket will receive 7.5% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were already paid for weaving the basket.

You will receive the basket in the picture. In our photos, baskets are presented by the weavers who created them.