Use as a: Market Basket, Shopping Basket, Storage Basket, Decor Basket

During the day, the Baba Tree compound is not a quiet place. There is music. There is laughter. There are sounds of busyness.  A groove has been found and stretched out through the course of the day.

Late in the day it happens…a wave of high pitched laughter precedes a gaggle of girlies and boys who, in all their innocence, come fluttering, twittering and schmittering into the compound like a bunch of butterflies as as they deliver armloads of beautiful, hand woven, artisanal African baskets. 

These hand woven baskets and fans are perfect for gift giving (great for any child in your circle!) or for use as a storage basket.

The fans are great for cooling down in the summer heat or for adorning your home with their hand woven beauty.

Our children / high school students will receive 20% of the retail price for all of the ''tiny baskets," and the regular percentage (for baskets such as ''Nyariga" or "Drum" Baskets), as a commission in addition to what they have already been paid for a basket upon completion. Through your purchase they will increase their savings, use the money for school, and, most importantly, run to the local shop to buy some sweets.

Buy one or more of these baskets or fans and feel the laughter in the weave.


In the photos, the weaver holding each basket is the weaver that created it.