Handwoven Artisan Fan - Fair Trade

Naba Penga (Chief’s fan). Fan as art. Create a mesmerizing / fantastic focal point in your home with these larger-than-life, handwoven fans. Handwoven by the Baba Tree’s talented artisan weavers, each fan holds an energy and vibrancy that is absolutely unique.

Backstory: Traditionally fans were used and are still used by women in Gurunsi funeral ceremonies in the Upper East region of Ghana. The women dance with the fans while singing “Kingkelenga” supporting the men’s war dance which is sung and performed during traditional burial rites.

The weaver of this Baba Tree product will receive a 15% commission on the retail price in addition to what they were paid upon completion.

You will receive the hat in the picture. In our photos, hats are presented by the weavers who created them.