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Handwoven Art Basket - Exclusive to Baba Tree

Pue-oh - fruit from a strange tree... there are unusual trees that grow outside my office. I'm looking at them now as I write this. The leaves are largish and if one cuts into the bark with a cutlass I toxic sap is dispensed that one doesn't want to get into his eyes. It's not a tall tree. It's more like a spindly bush.

These trees bear unusual fruit... the fruit is called "Pue-oh" It is not edible but when cracked open billowy puffs of seeds - much like the seed of a dandelion - are release into the wind allowing themselves to be carried away.

This basket is Exclusive to the Baba Tree and is one of a kind. Joyce's work would, of course, appeal to the discerning buyer.

The weaver of these Baba Tree baskets will receive 15% commission on the retail price in addition to what they were paid upon completion.