“Stay Flow” has been created in-flow with an incredible team of our Artisan Weavers, chosen specifically for this project. Their calm yet powerful energy inherent in the unique undulating basketry utilizing elephant grass and their very own rhythm and flow - an ode to the flow of life in basket form no less! Discover these baskets neat or lined with an incredible selection of local textiles and jaunty rope tie to keep your belongings under wraps.

Stay Flow With Printed Cotton Lining

We’ve selected some incredible Batik prints from artisan and legend Esther Amate and wax prints influenced by the very same that our weavers wear.. Think mix-matched and pattern clashes to further beautify your Stay Flow basket bag and protect what’s inside too. Hand-made leather toggles secure your personals in style. One of each combination only. Lift your basket game and go with the flow! 

Basket is functional art we believe. Welcome.

The weaver of your basket will receive 15% of the retail price as a commission on top of what they were initially paid upon completion of their basket.

You will receive the basket in the picture. In our photos, baskets are presented by the weavers who created them.