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Fair trade Baskets for Storage & Décor

Use as a: Stylish Décor Basket, Stylish Storage Basket

A classic Baba Tree shape reinvented - a really good looking storage basket with a focus on a sustainable future, woven to last. A forever basket, our Storage Baskets are part of our Future Classics series - an investigation into shape and form utilizing natural elephant grass and pure artistry.

These baskets are more suitable for light storage as be don't consider them to be a market workhorse owing to the elegant design of the handle.

Beautiful on their own or group them together for maximum impact and style!

It’s easy to get mesmerized by the intricate patterns in each incredible piece which become so much more prevalent in this natural form. Basket is functional art we believe!

The weavers of our storage basket will receive a 10% commission in addition to the high price that they were initially paid.

You will receive the basket in the picture. In our photos, baskets are presented by the weavers who created them.