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Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

Wonder for your walls. Our Wall Baskets have been a long time coming spurred on by many requests from you, our customers, to make this happen. Ask, and you shall receive! Our first collection includes a myriad of delightful handwoven designs whether it’s a wall you want to cover with many of our fair trade beauties woven by experienced hands or just one to start your collection. Our Wall Hangings are also used as center pieces on beautiful tables. 

Your Wonder Wall starts here and now. GOOD O!!!

Our Wall Hangings come in different sizes and there two different types: One type is made using the Double Weave method of weaving which makes the basket more pliable but is ultimately stronger. These Wall Hangings are more expensive because they are harder to weave and take longer to weave.

The other type of Wall Hanging is made using the Single Weave method of weaving which employs half as many warps and wefts using a thicker straw. This makes the Wall Hanging stiffer and allows it to stand more upright. These Wall Hangings are not as expensive as the Double Weave Wall Hangings as they are woven much more quickly than double weave baskets.

Please note: Though our Wall Hangings have handles on them, they shouldn't be used as a carrying tray.