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Bowls - Storage Basket

Woven Decor Basket - Bowl

Loud and proud! What else can we say about these great storage baskets – except that the supply will be limited.

Acquire, and hoard, when they become available.


Rounds - Market Basket

Bolga Shopping Basket

As far as I’m aware, this basket shape started it all. Though there seems to be no shortage of stories as to how the Bolga basket industry started, in the end I sense that a giant mother ship hovering above Bolga’s parched locale strategically dropped one of these handwoven beauties beside a creative and enterprising artisan and, through the aforementioned ship’s public address system, announced “This is the way sideways!”

And so it went for many years when the weavers of these fine baskets were paid a pittance for their artistry- in relation to the time spent weaving a basket and the cost of materials, which rendered little economic benefit to the area.

While the exploitation continues – even by ‘accredited fair trade companies’, there are a few companies, like The Baba Tree, who are doing their best to make it work for all in the supply chain and giving our weavers a fair “kick at the can” in terms of improving their lives in every way possible.

The handles on our baskets are strength tested and the colours are gorgeous. These are the best Bolga “market” baskets available. Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

Height is measured to the top of the coil (rim) and doesn’t include handle height.
Diameter is measured from the centre of the coil, not the outside edge.


Ovals - Shopping Basket

 Shopping Basket - Oval Woven

A double weave basket that is a market workhorse.  It is one of the hardest baskets to weave owing to achieving a flat bottom using the double weave method. When this basket is unleashed onto the marketplace, it becomes the talk of the town.

Height is measured to the top of the coil (rim), and doesn’t include the height of the handle. Length is measured from the outside of the coil, end to end.



Woven Shopping Basket - Nyariga

The Nyariga, (also referred to as the “U-shopper,” a name that lacks any mystery or imagination but, of course, is much easier to pronounce) is fab and hardworking double weave shopping basket whose design seemed to be introduced in the Nyariga area of Bolgatanga.

The original design’s handle was very elegant yet lacked any semblance of durability and sustained a lot of damage during shipping or whilst being used.

The Baba Tree, always striving for the perfect balance between beauty and function, made slight design modifications in October 2008 that allowed the Nyariga to evolve into a cutie, a beauty, and a toughie . . .

Height is measured to the top of the wing and doesn’t include handle. Length is measured from wing to wing. We also take into consideration the size of the basket’s base when determining size.

Dip Dyed Nyariga Shopping Basket

Woven Shopping Basket - Dip Dyed

Loud and Proud is what they are, hence their popularity.

To produce these baskets is very labour intensive and, also, we usually lose up to 20% of the baskets in the dyeing process.

But it’s all worth it because once these beauties are finished you just want to pick one up and strut your stuff.

Come and get em’ because these baskets want you!

Very limited in supply.


Drum Basket

Decor Basket - Drum shaped

A few years ago we were putting out a clarion call to our weavers for “Round Baskets.” We needed many at short notice.

One inspired chap – who was in the midst of weaving a “Nyariga” basket with its more cylindrical base – changed direction mid design and started weaving a round basket on top of a cylindrical base…It wasn’t what I wanted, or needed, at that particular time but I thought the design had potential and I put it aside for future reference.

During our time in India, one of our weavers had a go at weaving the first drum basket and with a few modifications a new design was born.

The shape of the drum basket resembles that of a ‘djembe’ drum that is indigenous to many cultures in West Africa (though not the Fra Fra tribe).

HEIGHT: APPROX 10’’ – 12’’
WIDTH: APPROX 16’’ – 18’’


Pot Basket

Decor Basket - Pot Shaped

These are beautiful baskets! They are not easy baskets to weave.

Though the handles aren’t as strong as other styles of baskets in our line, and probably aren’t appropriate for use whilst sashaying through the market, they will, however, make beautiful storage baskets. Or, they can be used as beautiful objects to be contemplated and admired. Profound, I know . . .

Height is measured to the top of the coil (rim). Doesn’t include height of handle. Width is measured at the widest section of the body.


Jemima 10 Cows

 Decor Basket - Jemima 10 Cows

The name….

In November 2013, the Baba Tree and 20 of its weavers traveled to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, through the auspices of the Indian government.

During the workshop, Jemima Akologo, was working on the ‘’Jemima 10 Cows’’ design (as it came to be known). 

In Bolgatanga, Ghana, when a marriage takes place, part of the dowry (a custom which I find a bit strange) is two cows. In the midst of the workshop I jokingly asked Jemima how many cows it would take should I propose to her. With a sly look she said ‘’10 Cows’’ which brought the house down with laughter from the rest of the Baba Tree crew. At least she knows her worth!!!

Sagely, she rejected my proposal outright.

Jemima was the first to weave this particular style offered up by the Baba Tree hence the name ‘’Jemima 10 Cows’’ basket.

This is a basket that appeals to discerning buyers who understand the journey taken to produce high quality adornment. The design of this basket lends itself to providing inspired accentuation in a beautiful living or working environment. They are also wonderful vessels to hold coveted and mysterious objects…


Pakurigo Wave Basket

Woven Decor Basket - Wave

What a beauty…

The rendering of these baskets requires mastery of this weaving technique. Presently, only eight of our weavers can pull it off.

This basket was co – created by NID designer, Palash Singh, and the Baba Tree’s John Akurigo while we were at the National Institute of Design in India.

What does one use it for? You tell me. I just like to sit and ponder it’s beauty.

Another basket for the discerning. Extremely limited supply.

HEIGHT: APPROX. 9’’ – 10’’
WIDTH: APPROX. 15’’ – 18’’


Laundry Baskets

Woven Laundry Basket - Hamper

Well, these are a far cry from the laundry hamper that my grandmother used at the beginning of a domestic journey that ended with a shirt being starched within an inch of it’s life . . . These laundry hampers are just beautiful!

Unfortunately, there will be a very limited supply of laundry baskets owing to the fact that only a handful of fine weavers have been enlisted to weave them. Snap em’ up when they are available! One can also use them as storage baskets . . .

3 in 1 Nested
Only sold as a set of three

LARGE     approximately 20" HIGH  19" DIAMETER
MEDIUM   approximately 19" HIGH  17.5" DIAMETER
SMALL      approximately 18" HIGH 16" DIAMETER

African Baby Moses Baskets

Our handwoven Bolga Baby Moses baskets are exceptional in their construction, balance, and strength. They’re functional works of art - perfect for the new arrival in every family.

These baskets are infused with sweetness.

"There is the moonlight up in the sky
Go to sleep baby, now close your eyes..."

Length: Approx. 29" – 31"
Width: Approx. 15" – 16"
Height: Approx. 11" and 8"


Bicycle Basket

Bicycle Basket

Fun! That’s what these baskets are!

The Baba Tree is in the process of sourcing what is needed to make our own belts for fastening the basket to the handlebars.


LARGE:    Length: Approx. 14"    Width: Approx. 8"    Height: Approx. 9.5"
MEDIUM:  Length: Approx. 13"    Width: Approx. 7"    Height: Approx. 9"
SMALL:     Length: Approx. 12"    Width: Approx. 6"    Height : Approx. 8.5"


Fair trade African Hats

Woven African Hats

Baba Tree sun hats are, by far, the finest that are available from these parts. We are now sewing cotton sweatbands into the hats that will give much greater comfort.

This is another Baba Tree product that is in limited supply owing to the fact that there are only a few hat weavers that can weave to our standards of quality.


Woven Ghana Fans

Woven Bolga Fan

I’m your fan!!! It’s hot, isn’t it? Don’t you wish you had one of these hand crafted beauties to keep you cool whilst attending a meeting at the town hall, or when sitting in your rocking chair and enjoying a frosty, fresh squeezed, lemonade on the veranda during summer time? I’m a fan! You’ll become one, too!

Retail customers use these to keep cool but also many like to adorn their walls with them.

When ordering, this is a great product for filling up the nooks and crannies in your shipping sack that will bring the shipping cost, per item, down on all that you ordered.

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