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African Woven Laundry Baskets Hampers

Use as a: Laundry Basket, Laundry Hamper, Storage Basket

Our handwoven artisan laundry baskets are available in S, M and L. Choose from grounded earth tones, natural elephant grass or beautiful combinations inspired by the colours of Ghana. Now also available lidded and lined in beautiful local batik by Esther Amate, Ghana wax print and natural handwoven. Crafting modern luxury and making laundry a pleasure.

Laundry Baskets - Up your hand-woven laundry basket game the Baba Tree Baskets way. Choose from natural elephant grass, graphic black and natural and all the colours of the rainbow too. We got you!

Lidded Laundry baskets - Our elegant lidded laundry baskets are great for shared bathrooms or those of you not keen to see how big the pile inside might be?

Half Laundry Baskets - Useful, beautiful, and ethical in natural Veta Vera grass. This stack of baskets was designed to keep tidy and extremely good looking all your storage needs x 3. Or you can buy individual sizes.

The weaver of your basket will receive 5% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were already paid for weaving the basket.