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Elegant Art & Décor Basket - Exclusive to the Baba Tree

Sampiko-Sanga (Strange Roof) - Sampiko is the name of the roofs that cover the grain silos in traditional Gurunsi compounds. They are conical in shape but sometimes we find ourselves with one that warbles a bit.

Pepe continues to weave extraordinary and completely original Specialty Baskets that delight and surprise us and for that we are blessed.

The Baba Tree Basket Co has been preserving the culture of baskets and the Gurunsi community in Bolgatanga for the last 15 years. It’s here that an exquisitely woven community of artisans practice a time-honored weaving technique and their very own “rhythm and flow” as seen especially in our Conch basket’s unique spiraling features.

Evolution of our baskets are never rushed to market, but slowly developed to be useful, beautiful and ethical. Welcome.

Our weavers are paid well for these baskets. However, they will receive a further 15% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid.