Elegant Decorative Art Basket Exclusive to Baba Tree

"Tua Tia" (Baobab Tree Basket) - This extraordinary basket got it's name from it's features. It is specially woven by our talented weavers. The Baobab Tree, also known as the 'mother tree', gives an impressive amount of shade and very sweet fruits. This baskets' spiraling features is one of our main specialties.

The Baobab Tree can be found in Africa. The Baobab Tree is the namesake of our company. Chosen because of it's friendly nature, The Baba Tree Company was named after this special tree. This proudly woven basket is easy to reshape.

Where, in your opinion, would this beautiful basket fit in your house?

(Text written by Precious Mikaela Ayinbotima MacCarthy -10 years old)

Our weavers are paid well for these baskets. However, they will receive a further 10% of the retail price as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid.